Interface from Serenji

Serenji is an editor and debugging environment for Caché/M systems, supplied by George James Software. It can be used with Caché, DSM, GT.M and MSM. Deltanji comes with a set of hooks to integrate with Serenji.

With the hooks installed, a Serenji user who tries to edit a routine which has not been checked out, will be unable to open it for editing. They will be asked whether they wish to open it in read-only mode.

To set up the Serenji interface, enter the following at the Caché/M terminal on the Deltanji server:

do setup^%vc670

You can choose whether or not to allow users to edit components which have not been registered to Deltanji. You can also choose whether or not users will be allowed to edit components in uncontrolled locations.

If you wish to customize the interface, see the Serenji documentation for further information.