Managing Caché Server Pages

Deltanji has a component driver for Caché Server Pages which manages the compilation of the pages as well as the transfer of the source files. If there is more than one web application defined to use a namespace, Deltanji normally manages the pages of the application that has been set as the default application for the namespace. For back-compatibility with earlier versions of Deltanji, or for situations where the pages you need to manage are not in the default application, any value set in the ^vcvp("cspAppURL") (non-percent) global node in the namespace acts as an override.

If you need to manage the CSP files for multiple applications that share a namespace you will have to handle them as T-type components rather than as CSP-type ones.

If the CSP driver is used, each location where the pages can be run should be configured so that CSP components map to a physical address with a storage format of 'M'. The component name will be a directory path and filename without the .csp extension. The path is always relative to the directory that the associated web application definition specifies fof its 'CSP Files Physical Path' property.

If the T driver is used, the T-type components should map to a physical address using a storage format of 'text'. The address should be the base folder within which the CSP files lie. The component name is a relative directory path and filename including the .csp extension.