Managing Objects

Variant Codes

Variant Codes

A variant is used to identify a high-level design difference.

Variant properties can be set by navigating on the folders panel to Setup -> Properties -> Objects.

Default variant
Letters, numbers and punctuation characters except for . (dot), / (forward slash) and * (asterisk) can be used for the variant code.

Object name callout
Entrypoint of a subroutine for deriving the proposed object name when registering a new component. Default is nameObject2^%vc720 and that code can be copied into a site-specific routine for local customization.

Variant constraint?
Ensures that variant codes are only allowed if they match an existing system code.

Change systems?
If set, users will be able to alter the system membership of an object during any transfer. If clear, system membership can only be set during initial registration, or subsequently in the Object Properties dialog by a user with access rights to the Object.Right.EditSystem function.

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