Component Date/Time Stamps

When a component stored in an external filesystem (e.g. BIN, CSP, CSR or T type component) is transferred by Deltanji, it is possible to preserve the modification date/time stamp which the filesystem records for the file. This is essential when dependency checks are set to 'Best Available' - which is the default setting - or 'Component Timestamp'. It is also useful if users wish to check whether two files are the same by looking at the operating system directory listings.

Note: For more information on dependency checks, see the article on Managing Physical Storage.

In order to enable this feature, all you must do is specify the path and filename of a Perl interpreter.

Note: On Unix platforms, this is normally pre-installed. A Perl interpreter for a Windows platform can be obtained at no cost from

Specifying a Perl Interpreter

1. On the folders panel, navigate to Setup -> Properties.

2. Click on the 'Environment' option and the Environment Settings dialog should appear.

3. Enter the path and filename of your Perl interpreter into the relevant input textbox.