Component Type Table

Default Values

Warning: It is recommended that you consult a member of support staff at George James Software before making any changes to the Component Type Table.

Each component type that Deltanji manages in your environment has an entry in the component type table. These entries consist of globals:

^%vcvc("CT",sequence)=component type

Here, sequence gives the sequential order in which Deltanji transfers all the components of that type and component type holds the component type code.

For example:

set ^%vcvc("CT",9)="CLS" will cause Deltanji to transfer CLS type components after any component types whose sequence number is less than 9, but before any component types whose sequence number is more than 9.

In most circumstances, the transfer sequence of components is often not significant and so any sequence of numbers may be used, provided each one is unique.

However, you must ensure that a value is specified for each of the component types which you wish to manage. If you do not, the integrity of your system may be compromised.

Note: When a group of objects is transferred, the transfer sequence applies to the components within each object and not to the sequence of objects within the group.

Default Values

The transfer sequence of the following component types will be defined automatically on installation:

Component Type Transfer Sequence
R or INT 1
G 2
GZ 3
T 5

Note: Others are added depending on the Caché version.