Integration with InterSystems Editors

After a namespace has been set up as a Deltanji location, follow these steps once to integrate InterSystems code editors such as Atelier, Portal and Studio with Deltanji:

  1. Using Portal, set the correct Source Control Class for the namespace. If the namespace is Ensemble-enabled you should pick VCmStudio.SourceControl.Ensemble. Otherwise pick VCmStudio.SourceControl.
  2. Using Studio, connect to the namespace. The output pane of Studio will report that it has connected you to Deltanji.
  3. Use Studio's Tools\Add-Ins\Add-Ins menu option to run the add-in called "Deltanji Configuration".
  4. In the configuration dialog's first dropdown pick the location associated with the namespace.
  5. Set other fields in the dialog as you need.
  6. OK the dialog.
  7. Disconnect Studio and reconnect it in order to load the new settings.

The settings made in the "Deltanji Configuration" add-in are server-side ones, so apply to all users connecting to the namespace. If you wish to restrict who is permitted to amend the settings, set access rights on the function named Studio.Right.Configure.

If the private InterSystems-installed Apache instance has been disabled on your server and another webserver is providing access to System Management Portal, you may find that Studio cannot run any templates or add-ins. In this case, go to the Startup Settings section of Portal ([System Administration] > [Configuration] > [Additional Settings] > [Startup Settings]) and configure appropriate values for WebServerName, WebServerPort, and possibly WebServerURLPrefix. These settings will be used by all Studio users to gain HTTP access to templates and add-ins. If your webserver only offers HTTPS, each Studio user will need to go to Tools\Options, then to the Documentation and Proxy section within Environment. There they should check "Templates and add-ins will use Proxy server for XXX." and specify the address for the separate webserver including the 'https://' prefix, plus a port number suffix if non-standard.