Managing Location Lists

A location list is an ordered set of locations. It provides a convenient way of grouping several locations together for transfer operations, dependency checking, or browsing.

You can manage location lists by navigating in the folders panel to Setup -> Location Lists. Location lists can be added and modified a follows:

1. Double-click on the location list you want to modify, or choose File -> New from the menu bar to create a new one.

2. Fill in the fields in the dialog.

The name of the location list. This needs to conform to the valid naming conventions.

A short description of the purpose of the location list.

The locations that comprise this location list. Checked items are included. When newly-checked, an item jumps towards the top of the list and is positioned immediately after all previously-checked items. This field also allows you to set the order in which the locations will appear in the location list on the navigation panel. To do this, click on the location name's text in a row and use the arrow buttons to move the row up or down.

Sort text

Access rights to view
The access rights controlling visibility of this location list. If empty, the list is visible to everybody.

Access rights to modify
The access rights controlling who can add label locations to this list. If empty then there are no restrictions. By default a location list cannot be used to collect label locations.

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