Managing Systems

A system is a group of objects which are installed together to form a working set of software. This is used to make the task of specifying which objects belong at which locations both simple and flexible.

Each system is installed at a set of locations.

To manage systems, navigate in the folders panel to Setup -> Systems. Any systems that already exist will be listed in the main panel.

Adding/Modifying Systems

1. Double-click on the system you want to modify, or choose File -> New from the menu bar to create a new system.

2. Fill in the fields on the dialog.

The name of the system. This needs to conform to the valid naming conventions.

The short description of the system

A list of every logical location in the Deltanji environment. If the checkbox is checked, the location will feature as part of this sytem.

Access rights
For specifying a list of access codes that determine which users will have access to the system.

When checked, no user will be able to assign an object to this system. The system's folder can still be expanded to discover what objects belong to it.

See Also: Systems, Locations, Managing Locations