Removing Objects from a Change Request

It is possible to remove objects from a change request. It should be noted, however, that removing an object from a change request should only be done when that object was not, or will not need to be changed to complete the task which the change request represents.

For example, it is good to remove an object from a change request if it was added by mistake, or if it turned out that it did not need to be changed. However, if an object has been modified as part of a change request, it should not be removed from that change request.

1. Navigate to the change requests folder in the folders panel.

2. Find and expand your change request to view the objects that are assigned to it. You may need to modify the selection criteria or apply filters in order to find your change request.

3. Remove the object

  • EITHER by right-clicking on the object and selecting Remove object from change request
  • OR by clicking on the object and pressing the <Delete> button on your keyboard.

4. Confirm the action on the dialog that appears.

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