Adding Objects to a Change Request

Often while completing a task, it becomes necessary to make changes to objects that were not previously anticipated. These can easily be added to the change request.

Note: A change request represents a single conceptual task. When adding objects to a change request, it is worth considering whether the changes that are going to be made are really part of that same task. If not, it is better to create a new change request.

Method 1: Using the Transfer Dialog

This method is most useful when you are adding a single object to the change request.

1. Initiate a transfer.

2. On the transfer dialog, select the change request to which you want to add your object

  • EITHER by selecting the change request from the drop-down box in the Change Request field
  • OR by clicking on the Add button in the Change Request field and choosing your change request from the new dialog

3. Confirm the transfer. If it is a valid transfer route, the object will be added to the change request and transferred to the destination location.

Method 2: Using the Work List

This method is most useful for adding multiple objects to the change request.

1. For each object you would like to add to the change request, navigate to the objects folder of the location where they exist. Click on each object and add it to the work list.

2. Click on the Change Request folder in the folders panel and click on your change request. If you can't see your change request, try editing the selection criteria. For example, an empty change request won't be visible by default until the Show empty change requests filter button is depressed.

3. Paste the work list contents onto your change request.

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