connect - Establish a Connection With Deltanji

This call establishes a log-in connection to Deltanji. It performs two basic functions:

  • Validation of the user ID
  • Reservation of a license slot

While connected, a user license slot is in use by the calling program.

It is not mandatory for a connection to be made before making a call to any Deltanji API function. However, if a call is made but no free license slots are available, the call will fail with an error message. It is therefore recommended that a connection is established before any other API calls are made.

If a Deltanji API call is made from within Deltanji (i.e. through a custom menu function), it is not necessary to establish a connection since logging into Deltanji will have done this.

The userid argument which is required by all API calls is available in the %usr variable. This variable can be used to avoid the overhead of repeatedly deriving the user ID from the host operating system.

This callout is called when a change request is updated. It must be written as an extrinsic function.


set ok=$$connect^%vcapi(.userid,.license,.err)


userid Deltanji user ID (derived from host operating system if null)


$$connect 1 = Operation succeeded
0 = Operation failed
userid User ID as supplied or derived from host operating system
license License token (used to disconnect)
err Error message if operation failed

Error messages:

vc0001 - Invalid user The user ID is not registered with Deltanji.
vc0002 - Number of licensed users is nn. License limit is exceeded. The number of users connected to Deltanji at the time of the call has exceeded the license limit for this instance of Deltanji.
vc0003 - Invalid user The user ID cannot be derived from the host operating system and must be supplied by the calling function.
vc0004 - Deltanji is not installed or not licensed The license key file was not found, could not be opened or is invalid.
vc0005 - The license for Deltanji expired on dd-mmm-ccyy The license key is time limited and has now expired.