crdel - Delete a Change Request

This API call deletes a change request.


set ok=$$crdel^%vcapi(userid,chref,.err,[msg])


userid Deltanji user ID (derived from host operating system if null)
chref Change request code
msg 0 = Do not display audit trail messages on screen (default)
1 = Display audit trail messages


$$crdel 1 = Operation succeeded
0 = Operation failed
err Error message if operation failed

Error messages:

vc1015 Change request is locked Another user or process is currently updating the same change request.
vc1016 Invalid change request number A null change request code is not permitted
vc1017 Change request does not exist The change request code supplied does not exist

Note: If audit trail messages are to be displayed on the screen, the msg argument must be set to 1. If there is not one already open, this will open a message window at the bottom of the screen. After all API calls have been completed, the message window should be closed by making a call to mterm^%vc1aud as follows:

s %msg=1 d mterm^%vc1aud