crput - Add/Modify a Change Request

This API call adds a new change request to the Deltanji database or modifies details of an existing change request. All the fields are validated. The update is not performed if any validation errors are detected. All auditable changes (e.g. addition /removal of objects from a change request) are logged in the Deltanji audit trail.

If user-defined callouts are set up, these will be called as appropriate. The following calls are invoked during validation:

and the following call is invoked after the update is complete:


set ok=$$crput^%vcapi(userid,.chref,chtype,chname,chouser,chodate,chstatus,.chdesc,.obvs,.chcomm,.err,[msg])


userid Deltanji user ID (derived from host operating system if null)
chref Change request code (or null for auto number allocation)
chtype Change request type. Must exist in change request type file
chname Change request name
chouser Owner User ID (defaults to User ID)
chodate Planned completion date (ccyymmdd format)
chstatus Change request status (must be valid for change request type)
chdesc(1..n) Change request description lines
obvs If obvs not null, key to work file ^%vcsel(obvs,obv) containing list of objects attached to change request
obvs(obv) If obvs is null, array of objects (object/variant.version) attached to change request
chcomm(1..n) Change request comment lines
msg 0 = Do not display audit trail messages on screen (default)
1 = Display audit trail messages


$$cradd 1 = Operation succeeded
0 = Operation failed
err Error message if operation failed
chref Allocated change request code if auto-allocation

Error messages:

vc1001 - Invalid change request type Null change request type is not permitted
vc1002 - Invalid change request type Change request type is not on file
vc1003 - Invalid change request type Change request type is flagged as deleted
vc1004 - Invalid Owner user id The owner user ID is not a valid Deltanji user
vc1005 - Invalid Owner user id The user ID is flagged as deleted
vc1006 - Invalid change request status The change request status does not exist for the specified change request type
vc1007 - Invalid change request number A change request code must be from 1 to 10 alphanumeric characters
vc1008 - Change request name is mandatory
vc1009 - Invalid planned completion date
vc1010 - Invalid Object xxx/xxx.nnn Object name error
vc1011 - Invalid Object xxx/xxx.nnn Variant name error
vc1012 - Invalid Object xxx/xxx.nnn Version name error
vc1013 - Object xxx/xxx.nnn does not exist
vc1014 - Cannot auto-allocate change request of this type Change request type does not allow auto-allocation of change request code. The change request code was specified as null or the change request type table may be locked
vc1015 - Change request is locked Another user or process is currently updating the same change request