crstval - Validate a Change Request Status Change

This function enables a status change within a change request to be validated.

Note: lcode1,addr1,lcode2 and addr2 are returned solely for the purpose of passing to the change request status change function: crstmod

If the crstmod function is used to perform the status change, the return values lcode1, addr1, lcode2 and addr2 must be passed into that function. If the crput function is used to update the change request with a new change request status, lcode1, addr1, lcode2 and addr2 can be discarded.


set ok=$$crstval^%vcapi(userid,chref,function,chstatus,.lcode1,.addr1,.lcode2,.addr2,.err)


userid Deltanji user ID (derived from host operating system if null)
chref Change request code
function Transfer function code, e.g. XFER, IN, OUT
chstatus New status


$$crstval 1 = Status change valid
0 = Status change not valid
lcode1 From location
addr1(psa) Array of 'from' physical locations
lcode2 To location
addr2(psa) Array of 'to' physical locations
err Error message if status change not valid

Error messages:

vc1018 Invalid function code Function code must exist
vc1019 Invalid change request status code Status code cannot be null
vc1020 Invalid change request status code Status code does not exist for this change request type