Storage Formats

The storage format is a code used in reference to a physical location. It determines the way in which components are stored at that location.

A physical location is defined as having one of the following storage formats:

Storage Format Description Notes
F Packed sequential files stores components in sequential files in the host operating system
FX XML Files stores components in text files written in Caché XML export format
L Deltanji Library stores any type of component in the Caché/M global ^vcli
M Caché/Ensemble namespace, or equivalent for other M implementation stores Caché/Ensemble/M routines, globals and other Caché/Ensemble/M items in an executable form
bin Binary files stores any files which contain control characters
text Text files stores files which can be viewed as text only.

Deltanji uses the linebreak character sequence appropriate to the target's operating system.

Note: A physical location only has one storage format. Therefore, if a logical location has both text and binary components which are stored in the same directory, two physical locations will refer to the same physical address. When the address record is opened in Setup -> Physical Addresses there will be two tabs on the dialog, one for each storage format.