Component Types

In Deltanji, a component is a physical unit of an application, such as a file or other entity which will be managed by Deltanji. On a website, for example, index.html and company_logo.gif would both be components.

The component name is normally the same as the name of the physical entity. It can be up to 200 characters long. For a binary or text component, it often contains a partial path.

When a change is made to a component, a new version is created. Each version of a component has a date/time stamp. This is the date and time which is recorded in Deltanji's database for when this component version was last edited.

Component Types

For each component, the component type is specified. This is a one to three character code that identifies the characteristics of the component for storage and transfer.

The standard component types include text and binary files. Other types are available where required, including Caché or M routines and globals. Additional types can be purchased as a special option, or customized drivers can be written on site.

For more information about component types, see the article on managing component types.

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