Audit Trail Panel

After each operation, the audit trail panel displays the message which was written in the audit trail. These scroll when the space runs out.

Messages in the audit trail belong to user-defined categories, which signify what kind of action or event they are reporting. Messages categories can be differentiated by color and by their icon. These can be defined in the message categories setup dialog.

In Enterprise Edition, messages can be flagged for the attention of particular users. This can either be done automatically based on the message category, or manually in the message details dialog. Additionally a user can flag a message for their own attention by clicking in the cell of the column whose header shows the flag icon. When a red flag shows in this cell the message is flagged for the current user, and clicking on the flag will clear it.

Whenever a user logs in, the audit trail panel displays all messages currently flagged for the user. New messages that subsequently get flagged for the user will appear automatically in their panel, unless the polling that implements this feature is turned off by clearing the checkbox in the panel's header.

To toggle the audit trail panel, choose View->Show/Hide Audit Trail Panel or press Alt-2. To clear the audit trail, choose View->Clear Audit Trail Panel.

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