Single- and Multi-Version Locations

Each location is defined as capable of storing either a single version or multiple versions of each object at any one time. When a new version is transferred to a single-version location, its ancestor is displaced. In a multi-version location, however, the new version will exist alongside other versions of the object that are already there.

Physical locations must also be defined as either single-version or multi-version. For more information, see the article on physical storage.

Note: A location can only be multi-version if all of the physical locations it maps to are multi-version.

Single- and Multi-Version Location Icons

Single-version locations are denoted by a folder icon with a single tab, whereas multi-version locations are denoted by a folder icon with multiple tabs:

Location Type Icon Description
Single-version Single-version working location
Single-version library location
Single-version virtual or generic location
Multi-version Multi-version working location
Multi-version library location
Multi-version virtual or generic location

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