Output Device Fields

An output device can only be used if it has previously been entered in the printer definition table under Printers in Deltanji Setup (do ^%vcsetup)

When a screen prompts for an output device, enter the name which was specified in the printer table. Enter a '?' followed by Return to see the choices.

If a device called FILE is set up with three question marks in the 'Open parameters' field of the printer definition, then a value can be supplied at print time to replace the three question marks.

For example, if the 'Open parameters' field contains the following:

Open parameters   [(file="c:/temp/???":mode="W") ]

then at print time the file name can be specified at the Output Device field:

Output device     [FILE MYFILE.TXT        ]

In this case the output will appear in a file named c:\temp\MYFILE.TXT

Similarly, if a preinter device has been set up with ??? for the $IO value of the device, the actual $IO must be entered at the time of printing.