Other Entries to the Terminal Interface

Invoking a Second-Level Menu Directly

It is possible to skip the main menu and go directly to one of the second-level menus.

Second-level Menu M prompt command
Programmer menu do ^%vcp
Manager menu do ^%vcm
Setup menu do ^%vcsetup

Invoking a Customized Menu Directly

To invoke a customized menu directly, enter the following command at the Caché/M terminal:

do run^%vc("^%vcmenu("menu")")

where menu is the name of the Deltanji menu to be invoked.

Invoking a Menu Option Directly

It is possible to invoke most Deltanji menu options directly from the Caché/M terminal, or from an operating system command file or script.

To invoke a standard or a customized menu option directly, use the following command:

do run^%vc("option")

where option is the routine label of the Deltanji menu option to be invoked.

Note: The routine label must include the ^ character as part of the label.

A current list of menu options which can be invoked directly can be found by pressing a help key (?, F1 or PF1) at the Menu/Function prompt under Menu maintenance.