Callable Standard Deltanji menu options

Name Routine
Archive: Archive and purge old versions ^%vc0as
Audit: Audit trail ^%vc340
Baseline: Create a new baseline ^%vc440
Bulk: Transfer multiple objects between locations a20^%vc0re
Cancel: Cancel an object checked-out in error ^%vc0ca
Change Request: Change request maintenance ^%vc330("")
Concurrent: Concurrent development analysis ^%vc370
Delete: Remove an object completely ^%vc520
Device Types: Device type maintenance ^%vcset30
Diff: Compare two objects ^%vc610
Find: Search for a string ^%vc540
In: Check in an object ^%vc220("IN")
Install: Install objects from a sequential file ^%vc460
Install: Installation settings ^%vcset60
Integrity: Database integrity checker ^%vc430
License: License key maintenance ^%vc025
List: Location List maintenance ^%vc290
Load: Bulk registration of components to objects ^%vc410
Location: Location maintenance ^%vc280
Location: Location maintenance menu ^%vcmenu("vcm1a")
Matrix: Matrix of version by location ^%vc560
Menu: Menu maintenance ^%vc570
Merge: Merge two version of an object ^%vc250
Module: Module maintenance ^%vc310
Object: Object registration ^%vcmenu("vc0mo")
Add/Modify: Add an object or modify an existing one ^%vc0mo
Components: Add or modify components of an object ^%vc0mo2
Delete: Delete an object ^%vc0mo1
Move: Move a component from one object to another ^%vc0mo5
Print: Print details of an object or objects print^%vc0mo3
Show: Display details of an object show^%vc0mo3
Out: Check out an object ^%vc220("OUT")
Overdue: Overdue checked out objects report ^%vc360
Manager: Deltanji System and Project Manager options ^%vcmenu("vcm")
Physical Location: Physical lovation maintenance ^%vc270
Printers: Output device maintenance ^%vcset20
Programmer: Deltanji Developer options ^%vcmenu("vcp")
Properties: Deltanji properties ^%vcset50
Release: Release control sheet arpt^%vc0re
Release: Release objects to one or more locations auto^%vc0re
Rollback: Roll back objects from a backup file ^%vc500
Routes: Transfer route maintenance ^%vc300
Setup: Deltanji Setup options ^%vcmenu("vcsetup")
Summary: Summary of transfers by period ^%vc350
System: System maintenance ^%vc260
Terminals: Terminal maintenance ^%vcset10
Transfer: Transfer an object between locations ^%vc220("XFER")
Transfer Files: Naming of sequential files ^%vcset40
Types: Change request type maintenance ^%vc420
Unmatched: Unregistered components report ^%vc400
User: User maintenance ^%vc320
Version: Version across locations report ^%vc390