crstmod - Invoke a Change Request Status Change

This API call updates the status field of a change request.

Note: many arguments to this call have been deprecated and can be omitted or passed as "".


set ok=$$crstmod^%vcapi(userid,chref,,chstatus,,,,,.err,[msg])


userid Deltanji user ID (derived from host operating system if null)
chref Change request code
function (deprecated)
chstatus New status
lcode1 (deprecated)
addr1 (deprecated)
lcode2 (deprecated)
addr2 (deprecated)
msg 0 = Do not display audit trail messages on screen (default)
1 = Display audit trail messages


$$crstmod 1 = Operation succeeded
0 = Operation failed
err Error message if status change not valid

Error messages:

vc1019 Invalid change request status code Status code cannot be null
vc1020 Invalid change request status code Status code does not exist for this change request type