crget - Get an Existing Change Request

This API call is used to retrieve data about a change request, either for inquiry purposes or as a precursor to updating it.


set ok=$$crget^%vcapi(userid,chref,.chtype,.chname,.chouser,.chodate,.chcuser,.chcdate,.chauser,.chadate,.chstatus,.chdesc,.obvs,.chcomm,.err)


userid Deltanji user ID (derived from host operating system if null)
chref Change request code
obvs Flag indicating whether to return list of objects in a work file or a local array.
Null = Return list in local array
Not null = Return list in global array using obvs as key


$$crget 1 = Operation succeeded
0 = Operation failed
chtype Change request type. Must exist in change request type file
chname Change request name
chouser Owner user ID
chodate Planned release date (ccyymmdd format)
chcdate Creation user ID
chcuser Creation date and time (ccyymmddhhmmss format)
chauser Last amendment user ID
chadate Last amendment date and time (ccyymmddhhmmss format)
chstatus Change request status
chdesc(1..n) Change request description lines
obvs If obvs not null, key to work file ^%vcsel(obvs,obv) containing list of objects attached to change request
obvs(obv) If obvs is null, array of objects (object/variant.version) attached to change request
chcomm(1..n) Change request comment lines
err Error message if operation failed

Error messages:

vc1016 - Invalid change request number A null change request code is not permitted
vc1017 - Change request does not exist The change request code supplied does not exist