crobvdel - Delete an Object from a Change Request

This API call deletes an object from a change request. An audit trail entry is written for both the object and the change request.


set ok=$$crobvdel^%vcapi(userid,chref,obv,.err)


userid Deltanji user ID (derived from host operating system if null)
chref Change request code (must already exist)
obv Object/variant.version of object to be deleted. If object does not belong to change request, no action will be taken.


$$crobvdel 1 = Operation succeeded
0 = Operation failed
err Error message if operation failed

Error messages:

vc1010 - Invalid Object xxx/xxx.nnn Object name error
vc1011 - Invalid Object xxx/xxx.nnn Variant name error
vc1012 - Invalid Object xxx/xxx.nnn Version name error
vc1013 - Object xxx/xxx.nnn does not exist
vc1016 - Invalid change request number A null change request code is not permitted
vc1017 - Change request does not exist The change request code supplied does not exist