Selection Lists

At most input fields where one or more items can be chosen, a selection window can be invoked to browse through and make a selection.

To invoke a selection window, enter a help key while in the input field. (The help keys are ? on any keyboard, F1 on a PC keyboard and PF1 on a VT keyboard.)

There are two types of selection window. The single-item selection window is used to browse through a list and select one item.

The second type of window is used when more than one item can be selected. The window contains two main panels. The left-hand panel displays the list of possible selections. The right-hand panel displays the items which are currently selected.

In both types of window, the space bar or <return> are used to select the item which is highlighted. Cursor up, cursor down, page up and page down are used to scroll through the list of items.

In a single-item selection window, selecting an item closes the window and moves onto the next input field on the original screen. X (exit) can be used to exit the window without making a selection.

In a multi-item selection window, the left and right cursor keys are used to move between the two panels. When an item is selected in the left-hand panel, it is added to the list in the right-hand panel. When an item is selected in the right-hand panel, it is removed from the list. When the selection is complete, type X (exit) to return to the original screen. The cursor remains in the input field until <return> is pressed.

A multi-item window also has a Select prompt, which is reached by typing S. This enables items to be selected and /or de-selected from the right-hand list using wildcards and ranges. A minus sign before the items is used to de-select them.

In both types of window, the List from prompt can be used to display the possible selections beginning from a specific point. Type L to go to the prompt, enter the characters to begin from and then <return>. Note that items are listed in the following order: numbers, punctuation characters, upper-case letters from A to Z, then lower-case letters from a to z.

The following table summarizes the keystrokes which can be used within a selection window:

Enter Select the highlighted item
Space Bar Select the highlighted item
Cursor Up Scroll up the list by one line
Cursor Down Scroll down the list by one line
Cursor Left Move from the right-hand window to the left-hand window
Cursor Right Move from the left-hand window to the right-hand window
Page Up Scroll up the list by one page
Page Down Scroll down the list by one page
L Go to the List from prompt
S Go to the select from prompt
X Return to the original screen