Object Fields

When an input field prompts for a list of objects or components, they can be selected or de-selected in a number of standard ways:

Method Example
Select individually by name ABC120/1.2
Select with a wildcard ABC*


Select by range A-B
De-select individually by name -ABC123/1.2
De-select with a wildcard -ABC*
De-select by range -A-B

If data has been entered, the prompt repeats when <return> is pressed. Continue to the next prompt by pressing <return> without entering anything at the prompt.

A special object selection notation enables the highest versions at the location to be selected. Instead of naming the version number (e.g. A*/1.3), use the letter H (e.g. A*/1.H). Note that this refers to the highest version which is active at that location. There may be other higher versions which are not at that location, for example, ABC/1.3 may be the highest version in LIB, although ABC/1.4 is under development in DEV.