Deltanji 6.2 Release Notes

Version 6.2 was released on 16th November 2017.

Pre-Upgrade Steps

There are no pre-upgrade steps required by this release.

Post-Upgrade Steps

There are no post-upgrade steps required by this release.


Give visual cues when waiting for server-side response (VCM-D-0515)

A "working" cursor is shown when the browser is waiting for a server response. Also, an animated indicator is displayed when a folder is being expanded.

Try to notify user when a server-side error occurs (VCM-D-0516)

Server-side errors will now be reported in an alert box when possible.

Poll periodically for new flagged messages to add to audit panel (VCM-D-0546)

When a new audit message is logged and flagged for a logged-in user, it will appear in the user's audit trail panel shortly afterwards. The periodic polling by the browser that implements this can be turned off by clearing a checkbox in the header of the audit trail panel.

This feature augments the value of a previously-added ability (VCM-D-0510) to specify the message category used for background transfer summary messages. Where possible, two new message categories are automatically created and configured so that a user who initiates a background transfer will be notified when the transfer has completed.

Note that message flagging is only available in Enterprise Edition.

Show master locations on Studio's Status of Project add-in (VCM-D-0555)

The Status of Project add-in now shows the master location of each member object.

Enable routes to specify backup location (VCM-D-0558)

Transfer routes can now specify a second route that will be used by objects about to be displaced (overwritten) in the destination location of the main route. This enables pre-update backups to be made.

Add API for removing components from an object (VCM-D-0560)

As usual, the API entrypoint can be found in the %vcapi routine.


CR Find could fail to return numeric-only exact match (GJL7010766)

Beyond Compare could not retrieve BIN components (GJL7011274)

Cater for Studio user manually typing CSP Windows filename using different case (GJL7011418)

Avoid logging <PROTECT> events in Cache audit where possible (GJL7011455)

Physical Address template used by multiple formats was repeat-listed (GJL7011935)

Deltanji Deploy could not install classes sent in UDL format (VCM-R-0358)

Handle lack of Perl timestamping of CSP and CSR components too (VCM-R-0359)