Input Fields

All input fields are represented by a prompt, normally to the left of the field, and a reply area enclosed by square brackets. For example:

Object [My.Object/1.0]

If the field has a default, this will be displayed in the reply area. To accept the default, press the <return> key.

To delete the contents of a field enter a single space followed by <return>. If the field is mandatory, Deltanji will not allow it to be deleted.

If the field already has an entry, this can be edited by using the cursor keys to move to the appropriate place, and then re-typing. The default is over-type mode. Use <ctrl-a> to toggle between overtype and insert mode. The field contents will be deleted if the user starts typing immediately the field is reached, without moving the cursor.

Some fields have context sensitive help or a selection list. This can be invoked by pressing a help key. The help keys are ? on any keyboard, F1 on a PC keyboard and PF1 on a VT keyboard.

To go back to a previous field, press the up-arrow key.