Single Environment for All Development

  • Single environment for integrated editing and debugging
  • Connection to local and remote servers (Caché, Ensemble, GT.M, DSM, M21 and MSM) via TCP/IP
  • Programmers use one tool to support multiple server platforms
  • Debugging of wide range of applications, including character-based, GUI, background processes, Caché Objects, Zen pages, Caché Server Pages and WebLink
  • Support for multiple, simultaneous connections

Familiar Visual Interface

  • Fully-functional, industry-standard windowed interface
  • User-selectable windows for Breakpoints, Stack, Variables and Immediate mode commands
  • Breakpoints set and cleared by point and click
  • Margin markers for execution points, bookmarks and breakpoints
  • Support for standard MS Visual Basic function keys to step through code execution

Clear, Detailed Information

  • Debugging and development window is separate from application screen
  • Separate windows for each script
  • Syntax-coloring of script both on screen and for print-outs
  • Current values of all variables
  • Complete call stack information
  • Tool tips giving instant information on formal lists and call arguments
  • Tool tips giving variable and expression values during debugging

Maximum Control

  • Persistent, soft breakpoints
  • Bookmarks and 'Jump' for fast code navigation
  • Choice of debug execution speeds
  • Watchpoints and choice of debug break conditions

Low-Cost Deployment

  • Low-cost license for each client machine
  • No charge for additional server installation
  • Email support available

Easy Application Development

  • One simple-to-use tool
  • Standard interface on all platforms (Caché, Ensemble, GT.M, DSM, M21 and MSM)
  • Lower cost of training and continued usage
  • Straightforward development and support of hybrid solutions
  • Easy swapping between projects

Easy to Learn and Use

  • Intuitive for users
  • You choose what information is displayed, so you can focus on getting your job done
  • No code editing to set breakpoints
  • Easy to find the information you need
  • Integration with MS Visual Basic makes working with Caché Objects easier for both Caché and VB programmers

Higher Productivity Through Better Comprehension

  • Application screen is clear of debug messages
  • Several scripts displayed simultaneously
  • Errors and inconsistencies show up easily
  • You can see what is happening
  • You can fix the code faster
  • Writing correct code calls is easy
  • The information you need is to hand

Fewer Errors and Higher Quality Applications

  • No hard breakpoints embedded in code
  • You can find the code faster
  • Debugging is tailored to your needs
  • Debugging starts at the point when you want it

Value for Money

  • Affordable for all your developers
  • No extra cost for cross-platform development
  • Help when you need it

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