Running Workstation on Windows 2000

On 10th November 1999 Reinhard Maehr posted that when running WS2 on a Windows 2000 beta, attempts to save window Action Logic gave "No header found, canīt save".

It appears that Win2k implements RichEdit 1.0 as a wrapper around the newer, richer, RichEdit 2.0 (or is it 3.0 now?). My guess is, there's a back-compatibility bug. Here's a workaround that passed initial testing on my Win2k Beta 3.

  1. Locate your MSMWS.EXE (default location is Program Files\Micronetics\Msmws\Program)
  2. Copy msmws002.dll from the redist subfolder to this folder.
  3. From an NT4 or Win9x system, fetch a copy of riched32.dll and place it in this folder. I got mine from Win98's windows\system folder, and it was version 4.00.993.4. On an NT4 system you'll find the file in system32.

How does this help? When you run MSMWS.EXE it actually executes msmws002.dll, using the local one (step 2) in preference to the one already installed in system32. And when the local msmws002.dll goes after riched32.dll (via richtx32.ocx) it too uses the local one in preference to the system32 one.

At least one user found they also needed to fetch a matching copy of riched20.dll from the same system that provided riched32.dll in step 3 above. The extra file was put in the same place.