Understanding your Environment: Reports and Auditing

Standard Reports

Reports and auditing provide detailed information about various aspects of the Deltanji environment. They allow you to keep track of the progress of development and patching work, to understand the system set-up and how it is being used, and to solve problems by tracing actions.

Use the links above to learn about the standard reports, which are accessed from a submenu of the View menu, and about the audit trail, which appears at various places.

Note: Access to reports and audit information may be denied if the user doesn't have the correct access rights. Contact your system manager for more information.

Reporting Using SQL

Deltanji includes a set of User.* classes that map onto some ^%vc* globals for the purpose of giving SQL access to information via the SQLUser schema. To install these classes, import the file SQLMappingClasses-UserPackage.xml from the install kit directory into the DELTANJI namespace.

Note: These classes are intended to provide read-only access to the underlying globals. Using them to update data is unsupported and strongly discouraged.