Deltanji 6.1 Release Notes

Version 6.1 was released on 9th September 2016.

Pre-Upgrade Steps

There are no pre-upgrade steps required by this release.

Post-Upgrade Steps

There are no post-upgrade steps required by this release.


Labels (VCM-D-0498)

Labels are locations that snapshot the contents of single-version library-view locations at the time of label creation.

Bulk Transfer now available from browser UI (VCM-D-0504)

For more information see here.

Transaction subfolder of audit record (VCM-D-0508)

When an audit record is part of a transaction it is now possible to view all audit records that were created by the same transaction.

Transfer Routes can be disabled (VCM-D-0488)

A "disabled" flag has been added to transfer route definition.

Location Classes are now called Location Lists (VCM-D-0489)

Location Classes (ordered collections of Locations) are now called Location Lists.

Sorting of Location List members (VCM-D-0490)

A "Sort" button has been added to the Location List (formerly Location Class) definition dialog.

Easier maintenance of menu overrides (VCM-D-0492)

The setup of per-user menu overrides has been relocated from Menu maintenance to User maintenance.

Improved audit view for a merge-product (VCM-D-0495)

When viewing the "Version N Audit Trail" records for a version that was created by a merge, records logged against the pre-merge version renumbered by the merge are now also displayed.

Auto-wildcard an object list filter in useful cases (VCM-D-0496)

For example treat ABC as ABC/* and DEF/x as DEF/x.*

Add "Access rights" and "Withdrawn" properties to Systems (VCM-D-0497)

Use access rights to limit which systems are offered at registration and are browsable under the top-level Systems folder. A withdrawn system will still be browsable but not selectable in the transfer dialog or on the Object Properties dialog.

Revise how Integrity Check reports its summary (VCM-D-0509)

1) Combine three result messages into one. 2) Add a new setting to the Integrity tab of Setup\Properties\Audit Trail so done-with-errors can use a different category from done-without-errors. 3) No longer create the superfluous vcm$transaction summary message.

Support different message categories for vcm$transaction messages from background jobs (VCM-D-0510)

One possible use for this is to persist and "flag for event initiator" the vcm$transaction summary messages arising from background transfers, allowing the user to review results afterwards.


Studio didn't handle 6.0 enhancement allowing T-type in M-format (GJL709968)

bulk^%vcapi was incorrectly reporting error if last object's dependencies failed (VCM-R-0318)

Location mapping to F and FX became double-suffixed in audit text (VCM-R-0319)