Caché or Ensemble Upgrade

After upgrading a Caché or Ensemble instance certain Deltanji elements need to be reloaded. Do this by running the following command in a terminal session: d Cache5^%vcins()

For the instance that hosts the Deltanji repository and web UI, run the command in Deltanji's home namespace (e.g. DELTANJI or VCM). For a networked instance that Deltanji manages using the task server, run the command in the task server's home namespace (e.g. DELTANJI-LOCAL or VCM-LOCAL).

When the command prompts you, press Enter to proceed. Review the output, and if anything appears to have failed email the text of the terminal session to

If any of your instances use InterSystems mirroring you should run Cache^%vcins() on all failover members of the mirror so that each member is ready to take on the primary role whenever required to do so.