Audit Trail

The Audit Trail is the essential reference to how a Deltanji system is being used. It contains a permanent record of activity within Deltanji, including the following information:

  • Transfer of an object
  • Transfer of a change request
  • Creation and deletion of an object
  • Cancellation of an object version
  • Merging of 2 object versions
  • Addition and deletion of a component from an object
  • Addition and deletion of an object from a change request
  • Creation of a change request
  • Copying or deletion of version information from a location
  • Certain compilation errors

The content and style of audit trail messages are determined by the message category to which is belongs. Message categories are defined in the message categories setup option. They are then applied to the various functions listed above.

Viewing the Audit Trail

The audit trail panel displays messages in real-time and is cleared each time a user logs out. It can also be manually cleared if you right-click and select clear.

All audit trail messages are stored in the database. They can be viewed if you select the Audit Trail folder from the folders panel.

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