Trace your messages

Debug Ensemble productions faster

Serenji makes Ensemble development easier

Serenji continues to be the tool of choice for Caché and M debugging and editing, used by hundreds of developers around the world.

Serenji for Ensemble is an edition of Serenji 2.x giving Ensemble developers all the functionality and power of the standard product plus:

  • Easy tracing of messages through your business processes
  • The power and control to step through each message
  • The ability to inspect the process context at any time

With Serenji for Ensemble you can follow a message through its complete life cycle, from inbound adaptor, through one or more Business Processes to outbound adaptor and back. Each operation performed on the message can be examined in detail as it happens. When a message is flagged for debugging, any Ensemble process that handles it will connect to the Serenji 2.x IDE and give you full control to step through and inspect the process. As well as the message itself, you have full access to examine the request, response and context objects that define the state of the process.

Try Serenji for Ensemble

Download a fully-functional, 30-day evaluation copy of Serenji for Ensemble and discover the benefits for yourself. Simply choose the Free Evaluation option and fill in the registration form. You can then get going straightaway.

When you come to make your purchase in the future, there will be no need to re-install the software. You just enter your activation key and carry on using it.

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