Configuring Non-Interactive Installation

In non-interactive mode, the install function runs silently. Installation messages are logged in the audit trail as normal. Any errors which relate to the install process itself, e.g. configuration and set-up errors, are logged in the audit trail under a pseudo-object called vcm$install/1.

The install process uses the user name of the current user. If the code is to be run in background, identify the process which will run the code and set up a user account with appropriate access.

Batch Mode

The following call is used to run the install process non-interactively:

do ^%vc490("XFER",installLocn,liveLocn,backupLocn,1,0,1)

This code can be called from a scheduled background job.

Install Daemon

To start the install daemon, run the following in the DELTANJI namespace on the Deltanji Deploy machine:

job ^%vc490("XFER",installLocn,liveLocn,backupLocn,1,0,2)

To stop the install daemon:

do stop^%vc490