Deltanji Editions

Deltanji is available in four different editions.

  • Solo - predefined workflow for single-user versioning of code in namespaces on a personal instance of Caché etc.
  • Team - configurable workflow for multiple users working in a single shared environment.
  • Enterprise - ultimate code management across multiple environments connected using InterSystems ECP.
  • Deploy - controlled installation into live environments of release packages created by a Deltanji Enterprise instance.

Use the following table to decide which edition is right for your code management needs.

Feature Solo Team Enterprise Deploy
Multi-version code repository
Wizard for adding namespaces to Deltanji
Change requests
Default workflow
Configurable workflow
Support for branching and merging
Multiple user IDs
Per-user access control
Management of data in global subtrees
Management of Ensemble lookup tables
Multiple configurable change request types
Nestable change requests
Location groups/classes
Customizable menus
Callouts to custom code
APIs for programmatic actions
Bundled Beyond Compare diff tool licenses
Distributed code management across ECP
Workflow templating
Extensible change request dialogs
Message flagging
Custom component driver support
Creation of release packages for Deltanji Deploy
Installation of Deltanji release packages

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